Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thoughts on Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

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The overview:
By now, all of us know about the drama that's gone on behind the scenes of Kourtney and Scott's relationship. Despite the Kardashians' efforts to keep it under wraps, this past summer, we all found out that yes, those cheating rumors about Scott were true when he was spotted with his ex-boo, Chloe Bartoli, with Kourtney nowhere to be seen.

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Scott, a father of three, has also famously suffered from drug addiction, often inciting Kourtney's wrath when he goes ham. He's also been noticeably absent from his children's lives as a plethora of tabloid shots show poor Kourtney Kardashian pushing strollers alone while Scott's caught red-handed partying it up somewhere across the globe.

My take:
To Kourtney: don't pull a Hillary Clinton and try to keep Scott around for whatever publicity you can get out of him. I genuinely believe that you are a good mother, and your kids would definitely benefit from having a real father who's actually AROUND long enough to celebrate their birthdays and important milestones with them instead of posting about cars on their birthday. Scott is a completely immature, irresponsible father who chooses to surround himself with enablers and constantly makes the same mistakes over and over again. Yes, addiction is hard to beat - there's no denying that. But he consistently makes the same poor decisions in parallel situations and lands himself in trouble with the paprazzi, his friends, and the people he loves. He has come back crying to you multiple times over the years, and you have taken him in despite his refusal to change and his lack of commitment to you. I'm surprised that you're still trying to sustain your partnership with him despite everything, and good for you for trying to help him. But at a certain point, I think that it's just not worth it anymore. The two of you were so in love when you first dated (just watch episodes from the first season of KUWTK and see how Scott treated you like a queen), but now, your relationship has just disintegrated to that of a strict, disappointed mother and her rebellious, intractable son.

And speaking of sons, how do you think your kids will feel, hearing other kids tell them about what their parents have said about Scott? Undoubtedly, people will gossip and it will eventually reach your children. And undoubtedly, your children will be ashamed of their father. You can only tell them that he's on "vacation" or a "business trip" for so long before they find out the truth from someone else. What will you do then? 

Staying with Scott is unfair to both you and your kids. They deserve to grow up with a supportive father figure who will be with them in the most crucial years of their lives - a father figure that can set a good example for them and teach them the proper morals and guide their growth into good, productive members of society. But by staying with Scott instead of dating someone else more reliable, you're taking all of these things away from your children. True, a father figure isn't necessary in order to grow up well, but you can't deny that there's a reason why the phrase "daddy issues" exists.

And so I urge you to rethink your position on Scott. Time after time, he comes back into your life only to drain you emotionally and financially, and hurts those you love. I say cut the cord and realize that he's a grown man who is responsible for his own actions. A man who, yes, needs help, but who cannot be helped by you.

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