Wednesday, May 18, 2016

BREAKING: Kylie Jenner and Tyga SPLIT!!

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Yup, that's right folks! Hollywood's most notorious nearly-underage couple has finally called it quits! Rumor has it that Kylie initiated the split because she wanted to focus on her lip kit line and Tyga was high-key salty about it, but continues to praise her in interviews. 

Now, I won't go into all the details about their relationship (you can see a full timeline here at vh1:, but I will put in my two cents about this relationship. As most sane people guessed from the start, this relationship was doomed to fail. Kylie had just turned 17 when rumors about a budding romance with Tyga started popping up, which we can assume means that they were dating or at the very least flirting and interested in starting a relationship by then. After all, most rumors have some truth to them.

Like most 17 year-olds, Kylie dated the rapper on and off and finally, after she turned 18 and pictures of the two had been flooding the internet for months, they finally confirmed that they were dating (and probably having sex...thanks to Tyga's no doubt Kylie-inspired "Ice Cream Man" song). Awkwardly enough, the two were 8 years apart in age, but Tyga claimed Kylie was mature for her age (if you watch KUWTK or follow Kylie's snapchat stories, you might wonder where that claim comes from) and that the two were solid. Sure, Kylie is a celebrity and she largely handles her own finances, but does that mean she was ready to live the life of a 25 year-old with a child and psycho baby mama? Absolutely not. Especially given her Instagram war with Blac Chyna...real mature, both of them.

My favorite moment in their attempt to pull the wool over the media's eyes was when their friends were interviewed about the couple. Kanye did a huge oops on a radio interview and publicly confirmed that Tyga loved Kylie and was smart to start dating her early on because she would be in high demand later in life (and at this point in time, the two were supposedly "just friends"). And of course, a whole slew of celebrities like Amber Rose and Drake publically blasted the two for their supposedly nonexistent and inappropriate relationship as well. On top of all of that, the two were posting pictures of each other on Instagram with lovey-dovey captions (totally platonic, right?), culminating in Tyga getting "Kylie" tattooed on his arm! Wow! Because that's just friendship at its finest. Really convincing. :) 

After all of that, they've finally gone their separate ways. We'll see if this breakup lasts, but personally, I think that if they want a lifelong relationship, they need to wait it out and see if they're still compatible years down the line, when both have hopefully matured. At 18, Kylie is just starting her adult life and Tyga is trying to jump-start his slowly but surely dwindling rap career. Personally, I'm relieved to hear that they've split.  After all the immature drama involving Blac Chyna and idealistic talk about possible marriage, this middle school-level relationship is finally OVER! 


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