Monday, December 21, 2015

The Broke Girl's Guide to getting KIMOJIs for Free (Without Jailbreaking your iPhone!!)

Credits: Instagram @kimkardashian

Another Monday, another Kardashian exploit in the app industry. This time, Kim Kardashian is bringing her ass-ets to Apple's App Store via emojis of herself.

Most of the "Kimojis" are animated pictures of her face, ass, and even a censored digital image of Kim Kardashian's cleavage. But most importantly, there's a Kim K cry emoji featuring Kim K's "ugly cry face":
Tfw you remember that your entire 
career is based on your sex tape.

Unlike regular emojis, these Kim K pictures can only be sent as pictures instead of sent alongside text.

As much as I would love to use the Kim cry face in every iPhone chat with my boss, I wouldn't exactly shell out the $1.99 the App Store charges for the Kimoji app. So for those of you who are looking for an alternate method to getting these Kimojis without jailbreaking your iPhone or paying the Kardashian Klan, I suggest the following method:

How to Get Kimojis for Free:
Step 1: Use your computer to screenshot/take a snippet of the Kimoji you want to send.
Most PCs have a "snippet" tool that you can find under the Start menu. 

You can also take a screenshot using Ctrl + Print Screen and then crop the picture later.

Step 2: Transfer the cropped image of the Kimoji to your phone.
You can send your Kimoji to your email as an attachment in Gmail or in other mail apps you use.

Step 3: Copy the Kimoji and paste it into a message.

Step 4: Await ridicule and/or laughter.

And there you go - now you know how to send Kimojis for free. Hope you guys have a great Wednesday. May the remorse be with you!


Sunday, December 6, 2015

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